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Yosune Rodriguez

Why did I choose Pon

I was first introduced to Pon when I was an intern at W&O. Very early on I learned about the traineeship and became highly interested. From conversations and stories I realized that with the traineeship I would be able to further develop my strengths but also work on my points of improvement with the help of training, a coach and a mentor. This is exactly what I needed to jump start my career. After a challenging selection process I was finally chosen, along with one other colleague, as the first international trainees.

'Pon helps you to create a lifetime career'

Yosune Rodriguez
Process Improvement Manager

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Equipment Depot
Country / USA
City / Houston
Discipline / sales/marketing
Project date / April 2011 - October 2011

My role was to define and create segmentation for all Equipment Depot customers (100,000 Av. ). With that create a better understanding of market trends, potential untapped markets, as well as the customers and their needs.

It was decided that all customers would be divided into 2 categories: Material Handling and Contractor services. The biggest challenge was that with the customer segmentation came commission changes and reassignments. Part of my responsibility was to manage the change throughout the organization and show sales reps that even though short term it seemed like negative in the long term it was a better opportunity for them and the company as a whole.

Project 2 / Equipment Depot
Country / USA
City / Houston
Discipline / Sales assignment
Project date / November 2011 - December 2011

Part of the traineeship requires you to sell products for two months. Since I was the first non-Dutch speaking trainee to do the assignment we adjusted it. What I did was shadow different salesreps in the company (in many locations) and I used the knowledge from my first assignment in segmentation to create further insight into the customers of Houston. Part of that included doing some door to door selling of my own. Also I shared amongst all salesreps best practices which I saw in different locations

Project 3 / Pon Equipment (Caterpillar)
Country / The Netherlands
City / Almere
Discipline / Supply Chain
Project date / Januari 2012 - June 2012

My main goal was to optimize the BCP Supply Chain for The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway & Denmark. First I had to map a current overview of the Supply Chains, creating volume charts and physical locations of each step in the supply chain, to find areas of improvement. I then had to create a standard prep list per model for all countries which was the hardest part and included creating a dialogue between the prep guys in 4 countries, something that had not happened before.

Lastly I offered my recommendations on how to improve/optimize the supply chain which included, among others, reviewing and standardizing freight charges for specific customers, standardize the Pre delivery Inspection, and finally to review and consider the warranty costs.

Project 4 / Pon Porsche Dealer Group
Country / The Netherlands
City / Leusden
Discipline / After Sales (Service)
Project date / June 2012 - December 2012

Start & Preparation for Porsche Service Centre The Hague & Implementation of Growth strategy for After sales PPDG. Due to timing most of my effort where spent with the After Sales team. My role was to lead 7 projects each run by one of the location managers which contributed to growth. One of the projects and a success stories was the implementation of 'Service Dialog – an offer to the customer that a specialized mechanic walk with them in their car when doing service' this proved to increase a typical invoice by up to 50%. We also determined the new Porsche 'Golden rules for success' and implemented a system to check technician hours.

First job / Business Process Improvement & Operational Standards Manager
Country / USA
City / Houston
Discipline / W&O

Currently I am the Business Process Improvement & Operational Standards Manager at W&O. I report directly to the VP of Operations and work directly with the operations team. My job requires that I work on multiple initiatives that will improve processes and on initiatives that helps the company save money (specifically in costs). After receiving my Black belt in August, with the help of a team, I implemented the first Six Sigma project at W&O dealing with Returns. We were able to Increase the visibility of returns from 40% to 100% and also provide now the reason for the returns. Projects are prioritized based on $$ involved and the effect they will have on the company. This year I have worked/am working on budgeting for all outside salesreps, inbound freight, Fuel costs, and a pricing initiative among others.

Why should you consider Pon

Pon is a company that is constantly evolving and always looking for growth. The same way they look at potential business opportunities they look at their people. Pon recognizes young talent and will provide you with the tools you need to become successful. Besides that Pon is very entrepreneurial and a family business and you will have that 'family feel' in any of the business that you work with. Pon is able to offer opportunities in multiple areas and help you develop not only in a job but create a lifetime career.

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Passion to perform

My ambition within Pon is to reach a top managerial role where I can lead others into providing the highest quality, products and or services. To give them opportunities to find their strength and work on areas of improvement and together make it a fun environment where we can strive for the best of the best. I see a very bright future working for Pon and I know it is the company that can provide me with the a great career for many years to come.

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