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Sjoerd Teertstra

Why did I choose Pon

I started to work for Pon in 2009 as a management trainee because of my interest in the entrepreneurial and international activities in which Pon is involved. Next to these activities, the Pon traineeship gives you the opportunity to work in three different companies in the 20 months' trainee period. In this period you can explore the company and your own capabilities. All of this with many responsibilities from the first day you are in the company.

'The program makes you feel welcome, challenged and appreciated'

Sjoerd Teertstra
After Sales Manager Auto Hoogenboom

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Automotive Retail
Country / Netherlands
City / Leusden
Discipline / Proqurement management
Project date / 1 September 2009 - 1 March 2010

My first assignment was for Pon Automotive Retail (PAR). For the retail activities I joined the procurement department for non-product related goods. For example, we signed contracts for the procurement of car refinishing products for the repair shop department within PAR. The focus of this assignment was to reduce the operating expenses and increase the profitability of the different companies within PAR.

Project 2 / Pon Equipment
Country / Netherlands
City / Almere
Discipline / Product development
Project date / March 2010 - September 2010

My second assignment was for Pon Equipment in the Netherlands. Within Pon Equipment I joined the marketing department and focused on optimal product combinations. Combinations of sales and service products. For example by adding service contract products into a sales offer. The goal of these combinations was to offer our customers an optimal package in terms of product, service and total cost of ownership.

First job / Auto Hoogenboom
Country / Netherlands
City / Rotterdam
Discipline / After Sales Manager

Currently I am working as a After Sales Manager within Pon Automotive Retail (PAR). I am responsible for all After Sales and Repair Shop activities within Auto Hoogenboom, the Rotterdam branch of Pon Automotive Retail. Our focus is to maximize the output of workshops (10 in total) and to maximize customer satisfaction. The latter is essential in order to see our customers return to these workshops or our showrooms. Next to these business goals we also need to make sure that all our colleagues work in a safe and well maintained environment.

Project 4 / MAN Region West
Country / Belgium
City / Brussels
Discipline / Service contract management
Project date / September 2010 - March 2011

My third (and last) assignment was for MAN trucks. For this assignment I was based in Brussels and travelled frequently between the MAN offices in The Netherlands, France and Belgium. The objective of this assignment was to improve the profitability of the service contracts department. We assessed the total contract portfolio and proposed certain adjustments for both new contract and for the handling of the existing contracts.

Why should you consider Pon

If you are prepared to work hard in a challenging and international environment, Pon is an amazing company to work for. The hands-on mentality combined with a very professional management development program will makes you feel welcome, challenged and appreciated. Also, your fellow trainees makes the program a great place to be in.

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Passion to perform

My ambition within Pon is to become responsible for one of the business units in the company. In addition to this challenging goal I strive to increase my skills, but also the skills of the people I lead on a daily basis in order to improve the business and to develop our team.

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