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Marijn Achtereekte

Why did I choose Pon

I believe Pon offers a great learning environment as the possibility is offered to see different Pon business groups in different disciplines. To really work ‘in the business’, with a product, is what I have always preferred. Porsche, Caterpillar and Cervélo are e.g. products I admire. I need to be challenged and I believe Pon is the company that gives me the right amount of entrepreneurship to fulfil my ambitions. I think I can speed up my development by focusing on projects close to my nature as well as on projects that I am not necessarily educated for. The informal culture and the people working at Pon were the two most decisive factors for me to join Pon.


“Discover and develop yourself by executing challenging projects on different fields!”

Marijn Achtereekte
Management Trainee

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Automotive - Audi
Country / The Netherlands
City / Leusden
Discipline / Sales/Operations
Project date / 1st September 2017 - 1st March 2018

My first project comprises the optimization of the sales and operations planning for Audi. Possession of stock in the automotive industry is an expensive and risky matter. For that reason I need to define and smoothen the process between us, our supplier and the buyer. By synchronizing this process we will lower our working capital and thereby reduce risk on stock. In my role as project leader I am to define all stakeholders, structure the complete supply chain from manufacturer to customer and gather all the different sources that may influence sales and operations. In cooperation with different departments I am to deliver an integrated forecasting model for sales and operations for all Pon Passenger Car brands. This is a challenging project as it encompasses different departments (Marketing/ Sales/ Finance and Supply chain) and you are to work with a lot of different people. You are tested on your analytical skills and you need to keep focusing on the bigger picture.

Why should you consider Pon

Pon distinguishes itself with respect to the focus on the personal development of the Trainees. A team of three enthusiastic people, including the talent development manager, is continuously focusing on the development of the Trainees on all different levels. There are a lot of opportunities, both domestic and abroad, to get acquainted with Pon. Because Pon is a privately held firm (family Pon), with multiple business groups, there is a flat organization, quick decision-making and lots of responsibility early in your career.

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Passion to perform

As Pon offers such a wide range of possibilities it is difficult to look five years ahead. The direction of my career is still to be determined and this Traineeship gives me the perfect opportunity to learn all about myself and the company. My international project may push me in aspiring a career abroad.

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