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Klaas Hartmans

Why I did choose Pon

When I first learned about Pon during my Bachelors, I was impressed. Impressed by the way the Pon family has grown their business successfully into a world player, 14000 people strong. In my opinion, the foundation of this success is characterized by genuine entrepreneurship mixed with an innovative mind-set. When I discovered that this is also reflected in Pon’s extensive Management Traineeship together with the opportunity to constantly develop yourself, my choice was made.

'Working under these conditions will not only maximize your learning curve, but more importantly, it is also a lot of fun.'

Klaas Hartmans
Management Trainee

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Equipment
Country / The Netherlands
City / Vuren
Discipline / Logistics / Business Development
Project date / 1st September 2016 - 1st February 2017

At Pon Equipment a cargo of used parts was shipped without being properly labelled. This triggered the discussion on how to shape the used parts process in the future and ultimately resulted in the idea to setup a used parts business. In my first project, I was responsible for the realization of this idea.
In addition, I was responsible for setting up the Cat Pop-up store in the heart of Utrecht together with the Pon Compact team. For the result, please see our after movie at

Project 2 / Pon.Bike - Gazelle
Country / The Netherlands
City / Dieren
Discipline / Finance / Control
Project date / 1st March 2017 - 1st October 2017

At the end of 2015, a Margin Dashboard has been developed for Gazelle. For several reasons this dashboard is only available on a monthly basis and not yet used to its full extent. The goal of my project was to further develop and simplify the dashboard, thereby ensuring that the information is available on a daily basis for Sales, Management, and Finance. Ultimately, this should lead to higher standard sales margins as a result of more focus on gross margin instead of revenue.
My responsibility was to bridge the gap between the available data and the needs of the users of the dashboard, thereby ensuring user-friendliness. The first step in this project was to examine the limitations of the current dashboard and to identify the different requirements of the stakeholders. Subsequently, in cooperation with IT, an external Consultant, and Finance, we used the collected input and successfully developed a dashboard that presents the sales margins on our products accurately and daily.

Project 3 / Pon Asia - Bakker China
Country / China
City / Fujian
Discipline / Strategy Implementation
Project date / 1st October 2017 - 1st April 2018

China, the middle kingdom, has developed rapidly in the last decades. One of the focus points of President Xi Jinping’s one belt one road strategy is the maritime industry. By 2020, China is targeting a 40% share of the global high-end vessel market and 35% of the global off-shore market. To get a piece of the pie, Bakker China has grown from two employees in 2013 to a sustainable business of 38 employees nowadays. In recent years, a lot of work has already been done but to keep pace in this fast changing world it is now time to make the next move.
In the next months, I will support Sjoerd and his team in developing Bakker further into a self-supporting entity that is ready for higher future volumes. In the last weeks, we build a strategy to project roadmap that will help us to manage our growth plans. Next to monitoring and updating this roadmap, I will focus on structuring the workshop and standardize our production process. However, do not pin me down on that too much, because in China no day is the same...!

Why should you consider Pon

From the moment you enter the program you will be responsible for managing your own project. All projects in the program are subject to strict entry requirements. This results in challenging projects that have a real impact on the organization. Working under these conditions will not only maximize your learning curve, but more importantly it is also a lot of fun.

Passion to perform

In my opinion one should always aim high. Therefore, after my traineeship, I would love to work in a challenging environment in which our team is responsible for bringing (part) the business forward. Later on, I would love to work for one of our companies abroad to further strengthen our global presence. My ambition for the long-term is to be responsible for one of our operating companies. But for now: work hard, dare to make mistakes, and enjoy the ride.

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