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Karl-Johan Timbäck

Why did I choose Pon

There were several reasons for why I chose to start working for Pon. Firstly I really had the ambition to work for an international company with global operations, which Pon definitely can offer. Furthermore the traineeship offered me an opportunity different functions, companies and industries and I felt a connection in the values that Pon stands for so for me. It the end it was an easy choice!

'Pon will invest in you and nurture your career like no other company'

Karl-Johan Timbäck
Pon Mining International

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Equipment (Caterpillar)
Country / Sweden
City / Gothenburg
Discipline / Salesmanager
Project date / August 2012 - February 2013

On the one hand, I did a "Go-to-market strategy" for Pon-Cat in Sweden; an in-depth analysis of non-core market segments. The project results enabled the management team to reach a decision on where to put focus and how to capitalize on these market segments.

Besides this, I also did an in-depth analysis of different warranty products, currently offered to customers, and provided the management team with a recommendation on how to make these products more profitable.

Project 2 / PMH MotracLinde
Country / The Netherlands
City / Almere
Discipline / Marketing
Project date /

The management team of MotracLinde felt a need to improve the customer contact and work in line with the strategy: becoming more customer focused and therein reach a better market position.

My role was to, together with the Sales, Service and Marketing department, develop and implemented a customer contact strategy for the whole company. Thus, this required an overall strategy that could be translated to the different departments, which in turn had impact on the operations. For example, the new CRM system had to be modified and complemented with applications to be in line with this new strategy.

Project 3 / Pon Mining International
Country / Sweden
City / various
Discipline / Sales & Service
Project date /

These two months will be part of my introduction phase for the job at Pon Mining and will serve as a crash-course into our operations. I will spend a couple of weeks together with our machine and service salesmen to gain insight into how the sales process look like. In addition to this, I will travel to a couple of mine sites (surface and underground) to gain some operational service experience, both from full-service customers as well as contractors.

Project 4 / Pon Mining International
Country / Sweden
City / Stockholm/Boden
Discipline / Service
Project date /

I have been leading/setting up a risk partnership with Caterpillar on full-service contracts for a number of large off-highway mining trucks.

The aim with this partnership is to minimize the risk exposure and potential margin fallout on the service contracts for Pon. This also meant setting up an internal (report/process) structure to fulfill the partnership requirements on a continuous basis, since the partnership lasts for 10 years.

Why should you consider Pon

The reason is quite simple: Pon will invest in you and nurture your career like no other company. Being a (giant) family company, Pon has a long-term horizon and the fact that you have a personal coach and a mentor throughout the traineeship offers you a unique opportunity to develop yourself. Since you are the creator of your own traineeship, this is the best opportunity to explore the world of Pon and find out how you want to build your career.

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Passion to perform

Being a social and outgoing person, with an interest for other people, I enjoy working close to customers. I also like developing custom made solutions to challenges and therein create value for others. I believe that a Commercial position, in a company that works with custom made products and services, would suit me perfectly. In the future I would therefore not be disappointed if my business card would say Commercial Director, maybe for Pon Mining.

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