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Hester Lange

Why did I choose Pon

After my studies, I was seeking to be challenged and broadly develop myself, allowing me to feel comfortable in different managing positions. In this repect, the Management Traineeship at Pon offered uniquely diverse program, which was exactly what I was looking for! Next to that, Pon’s hands-on mentality, room for entrepreneurship, and international opportunites suited me very well. Besides from the personality match, the focus on boosting your personal growth through trainings and coaching really appealed to me.

'The traineeship is an ideal opportunity to find out which role you’re best at and what energizes you most.'

Hester Lange
Management Trainee

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Bicycle Group, Gazelle
Country / Netherlands
City / Dieren
Discipline / Marketing
Project date / February , 2015 – October, 2015

Gazelle’s goal is to grow internationally in e-bikes, using its global number one position as premium city bicycle brand as to establish this. At the moment, there is too little international awareness of the brand Gazelle, which is one of the reasons for starting the E-bike of the Future project. As to create a unique bike, the iconic Italian design company Giugiaro was contracted; well-known for their development of, for example, the VW Golf and Bugatti Veyron. The collaboration between Gazelle and Giugiaro has resulted in a bike with a unique combination of riding comfort and a top-notch design. My role as a marketing project lead was optimally setting up, managing, and executing the marketing trajectory. In collaboration with, amongst others, the innovation team, I wrote a marketing plan (i.e. positioning, go-to-market, campaign development, activation etc.).

Project 2 / A-Point Skoda
Country / The Netherlands
City / Amsterdam
Discipline / Sales assignment
Project date / November, 2015 - January, 2016

For two months I worked at A-point Skoda as a sales woman, where I gained hands-on sales experience in the car industry. The project involved a great deal of customer contact, during which I learned to establish customer needs and how to accurately deal with different needs as to ensure the optimal customer satisfaction. I would provide customers them with information, draw up quotes , and follow-up on these; ultimately seeking to close as many deals as possible. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it!

Why should you consider Pon

If you want to develop yourself to the fullest extent,  Pon can offer  you the unique possibility to do 4 totally diverging (international) projects. The great variety of companies offers the possibility to get in touch with different organizational structures, functional areas, and people; an ideal opportunity to discover within which role you have most added value and from which role you get most energy.  During the traineeship you will not be taken by the hand, instead, you will receive the freedom to create your own path.  So, if you want to grow into an all-round manager with a backpack full of experience, Pon is the place to be!

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Passion to perform

It is my ambition to grow into a more robust managerial role in the future, in that way  achieving my full potential and guiding others in doing the same. Working together with a team on providing the highest quality products and/or services and having real impact, is something that I would love to do. For now, my main focus is on excelling in my projects and expanding my horizon as much as possible, thereby finding out what I’m best at and what energizes me most.


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