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Bas de Heus

Why did I choose Pon?

I chose for the management traineeship of Pon because of a variety of reasons. First of all because I feel affinity with the products we're selling. Next to that I think the Pon traineeship is unique in its kind and provided me with a high degree of flexibility. During the traineeship you get the freedom to decided where to work for yourself. Hence you are in charge of your own career path. Ultimately the extensive coaching and training program help me to develop as a person and thus as a future manager.

'The Pon traineeship is unique in its kind'

Bas de Heus
Accountmanager Pon Power

My journey through the Pon Traineeship

Project 1 / Pon Automotive Retail
Country / Netherlands
City / Leusden
Discipline / link between Business and IT
Project date / March 2012 - October 2012

My project started of with drawing up a preliminary design of the dashboard. After that a final design had to be agreed upon together with the IT team. The final phase of the project consisted of coordinating and supporting the IT team in the development of the dashboard. In this phase I functioned as the link between the IT team and the end-user, in this case the director of the DGP Group.

Project 2 / W&O Supply
Country / USA
City / Jacksonville
Discipline / Trainee
Project date / October 2012 - March 2013

During my time at W&O I worked on a variety of projects in the area of marketing and sales excellence. …… The final project I worked on involved the development of a tool in the CRM system that is now being used to generate quotes and enables AVC management with additional data that can be used to steer the business and focus on additional growth.

Project 3 / Pon Power NL
Country / Netherlands
City / Papendrecht
Discipline / Backoffice sales
Project date / March 2013 - December 2013

During my third project I assested the sales representative for retail generator sets by conducting a market research in the market for generator sets in the Netherlands. After this research I spend some time in lead generating, which comes down to cold acquisitions over the phone. This phone calls resulted in some leads of which one the sales rep and myself visited. Unfortunately there was not enough time to sell a generator set together.

Project 4 / Pon Power NL
Country / Netherlands
City / Papendrecht
Discipline / Trainee
Project date / March 2013 - December 2013

At Pon Power I worked on a strategy on how to engage the Dutch Offshore market. During my time at Pon Power I conducted a research into the Dutch offshore market. Parallel to that I worked on a communication strategy on how to engage this market. Finally I made a proposal on how to alter parts of the organization in order to provide better coverage of potential offshore customers.

First job / Account Manager Industrial/OEM
Country / Nederland
City / Papendrecht
Discipline / Pon Power NL

Member of the department "Industrial/OEM". This department is responsible for selling Caterpillar diesel engines to the industrial market in the Netherlands. Most of our customers are OEMs that use a Caterpillar engine in their application. Our customer on their turn then sell their product to their customers. My goal is to go out and generate new business for my department.

Why should you consider Pon?

The Pon traineeship offers you the opportunity to take a lot of responsibility early on in your career. Which is challenging and thus exciting. In the traineeship you will be forced out of your comfort zone which is in my opinion where one grows as an individual and gets stimulated to develop talents.

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Passion to perform

As I just started my first job after the traineeship, my current short term goals is to get my hands dirty, learn where the money is made and bring this to a success. My secondary long term goal is to excel in everything I do and from there I'll see what the future within Pon holds for me.

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