Management Traineeship

Enjoy the freedom to build your own career

The Pon Management Traineeship is about having the freedom to develop yourself and build your own career. Whilst completing four projects in four different Pon operating companies (in the Netherlands and abroad), in various disciplines (usually in the field of Marketing, Sales, Service and Supply Chain), you will be constantly challenged!

Work at one of 450 branches of 80 Pon companies located in 32 countries

As a Management Trainee you will complete four projects at four different Pon companies. The first project (6 months) will be selected for you by the Talent Development Manager. After this first project, you are fully in charge of finding the next two challenging projects (6 months each). The fourth project will be a sales or service assignment (2 months). Here you will discover the true roots of Pon and you will have various customer contact experiences. The duration of your internship will be 20 months in total. 

After your management traineeship

The Management Traineeship is designed to help our future leaders develop their management competencies. Pon aims to prepare trainees for a Management Team position in five to seven years after completing the program. During your final project, you will apply for a challenging first position. Typical roles for a Management Trainee graduate are account manager, product manager, branch manager or team leader in sales, service, marketing or supply chain.

The steps to become a Management Trainee - Selection procedure
Step 1

Spring 2020

Motivate the reasons why you want to work for Pon and become the next Management Trainee. We will ask you to send your CV & motivation letter and submit a video interview. You may now apply here

Step 2

to follow

We will ask you to complete a personality and intelligence test. In this assessment we will also assess your identification with the Pon core values and leadership competencies.


Step 3a

to follow

During the interview phase you will have two-three interviews with local recruiters, Senior HR, MT-members and/or former trainees. The focus in these interviews is on your motivation and competencies.


Step 3b
The Game is (P)on

to follow

You will be tested on endurance, management skills & team spirit during this fun and challenging selection day. The Game is a crucial part of the selection process in The Netherlands. 


Step 4
Final Selection Day

to follow

During this selection day you are challenged with a variety of assignments and your results will be judged by the Executive Board, Senior Vice Presidents and Managing Directors.


Pon offers you the opportunity to shape your own future. Obviously this requires independence and assertiveness from you as a trainee. You will have obtained an MSc title, preferably in the field of business administration, economics or engineering. Furthermore, your resume and letter of motivation will demonstrate commercial interest, international experience and affinity with our products and services. Extracurricular activities such as board functions, committees and internships are highly valued.


If you are determined to become Pon's next Management Trainee, do not hesitate. Apply for the next selection round. On average fifteen new Management Trainees are hired each year. You must be confident and fluent in both English as well as in the language of the country you have chosen to complete your Management Traineeship. If you accept a job offer within Pon, you may start at any moment within the six months after the final selection day.

Apply here


Applications for the Management Traineeship are accepted again in Spring 2020. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


For 2020 we have the following application windows:

The Netherlands
Start:1 October 2019
End:27 October 2019
United States
to be determined
to be determined
to be determined
to be determined
to be determined